Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year's Day at Baboon HQ

We had an exciting Christmas and now it is the new year.  We had a few things to do on New Year's day.

After our breakfast pancakes, made by manperson, we did a few chores and then headed out for the traditional new year walk.

We drove out to Yarmouth, listening to our new Patsy Cline CD, lovely music but she does seem to have had a lot of problems with her love life!  We got to Gossips cafe in Yarmouth for coffee.

Now I need to correct some misconceptions here, it is my fault that everyone probably thinks Harry is addicted to coffee.  Actually he never drinks it, none of us baboons do, even Mini-Kolo (Jackson), who claims a caffeine addiction.  If we have hot drinks its only milky tea or hot chocolate.  But Harry does like the little biscuits they give you with coffee.

Harry is looking out at The George pub which is next Yarmouth Castle, you can see the walls.  This forces me to mention King Henry VIII in two blogs running, the castle was built by him in 1547 as part of the coastal defenses.  In those days England used to fight the French and Spanish regularly so they needed to make sure they didn't get their ships into the Solent, the strip of water between Baboon Island and the mainland, and threaten England, especially the naval base at Portsmouth.  There is another castle on the mainland side, Hurst Castle, so any invaders didn't stand much chance with all those cannons pointing at them.

When we set out to walk we realised that the weather had changed a lot since New Years Eve.  It was quite wintery and windy, although still not very cold.  Harry stopped for a climb.

Later Harry looked out a the water, the River Yar (West Yar, there is also an East Yar on the island), it seemed wintery all of a sudden.

Back to Gossips cafe for lunch.  Do we call this lunch?  It looks more like tea to me, German apple cake with whipped cream.  Well we had walked a long way!!  It was very tasty with apple, pastry and almonds.

Next we had to fulfill a British Bank Holiday tradition.  That is a visit to a DIY store.  On the way back we went into B&Q in Newport.

Harry admired the power tools!!  Baboons love power tools but we are seldom allowed to use them.

Now explain this!  This is what manperson bought.  He thought Baboon HQ needed a telescopic ladder.  Harry didn't really do his job here and explain that manperson could have saved the money.  We are baboons, we climb, its what we do, why would Baboon HQ need a ladder?  If we can't climb it its not worth climbing!  Oh well, there you are!

So that was our New Year's Day adventure.  We went for a curry in the evening, to Monsoon in Ryde, we didn't take pictures because baboons posing with curry are likely to get very mucky.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2016!! HUGS HUGS HUGS!!


  1. Wat a luvly first day an speshly that apple cayke! xoxoxo

  2. Bear, dat apple cayk looks gooood!! Pawhaps manperson is secritly envious of yur climbing abilities and wants to join in?
    Its turned wintery up heer too, not that the garden noes it yet, heehee!
    Huuggs and kissies!! :O) and :=o)

  3. Wow! I fink da Claptun haz been in Gossips in da summer Kolo my pal....i get him to sniff yoo owt next time....