Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year weekend

Just a little bit of holiday left and its raining all weekend.  We baboons cooked one of our favourite dishes, on Saturday.

Bradley decided to cook a dish that we call 'crispy cheese', but is really called pasta parmigiana.  Well kind of!  As you know we baboons are no respecters of other people's carefully designed recipes so we add a leek, change the cream for yogurt and we have a bit more cheese.  Other than that we are completely faithful to the recipe.

Bradley may look familiar, he is a cousin of Hudson, one of the #BaboonsThatCook, Hugo who lives with Zack Rabbit and BiddyBT's Brian.

He assembled the ingredients, well almost, olive oil Bradley!!  You will need it!!

He chopped up the vegetables, grated the cheese and measured out the yogurt and pasta.

He got the pasta boiling and the vegetables frying in the olive oil (I said he'd need it)!

While the pasta was boiling and the vegetables frying Bradley did a bit of multi-tasking, checking on how Manchester City and Watford were doing in Premier League football.

When the pasta had cooked and the vegetables were softened he added the yogurt, pepper and lemon juice to the vegetables (he drained the vegetables to make sure the dish wasn't too wet, because we like it crisp but the recipe doesn't say to do that).  Then he mixed the pasta and vegetables together in an oven proof dish.

He sprinkled the grated cheese onto the pasta and vegetables, so the dish was ready for the final stage.  It  goes under a hot grill to crisp the cheese.

So now for the washing up!

Not the laundry basket trick again Bradley!!  Its getting old!!

After 15 minutes it was necessary to get the dish out of the oven.  This used to be really hard, as a Pyrex dish, under a hot grill, gets very hot indeed.  We used to double up the oven gloves and still found it too hot.  However, our friend Miriam, from Germany, sent us these silicone oven gloves.  They are fantastic, you can't feel a thing through them.

So out of the oven and ready to serve.  Look at that lovely crispy topping.  How crisp it gets depends a lot on the cheese.  This was a good one!

Today the weather is awful, wet and very windy.  We were going to go out for breakfast, to finish the holiday off with a treat, but its too horrible out there and we have nice bread at home, so we will do it another Sunday.

We'll have a quiet, restful day watching the cricket.  Sadly, we will take down the Christmas tree and put the decorations away carefully for next year.  Thank you for reading my blog this holiday, I will try to keep it up to date at weekends during the working routine.



  1. Good job Bradley crispy cheeze sownds nommy. In AZ they eats cheeze crisp. But it duzn't haz pasta its a big thin flour tortilla wat you brush with butter an put cheeze an bake til crispy then nomnomnom like a skinny pizza.

  2. Dis look dubble nommy my pal