Sunday, 10 January 2016

First weekend back at work!!

We were very glad when the weekend came.  First weeks back at work are always stressful.  We started the weekend on Friday evening with Fish and Chips, but we were so hungry we forgot to take a picture.

Saturday morning started with a rehoming.  You will no doubt see more about that in my next rehoming blog.  I always cry when baboons leave so you can see I am looking sad.  He is going to a great home though where he will have a wonderful life, joining another rehomed baboon.  This one is a cousin of mine and he looks like my brother Roko!

Now we know why our manperson wanted the extendable ladder.  Its to check the skylight to make sure its not leaking.  It needs checking regularly.  Jack couldn't resist trying out the ladder.

Suddenly he realised how high up he was.  He came down quickly and carefully.

In the afternoon we all listened to the FA cup third round games on the radio.  Our team got through but they gave us a few nasty moments.  Sadly Hoppo seems to be hidden behind Tashi and Jack seems to be hidden behind Oregon, you can just see his sleeve.  He is a bit camera shy but Hoppo isn't usually.  Washington is only showing his hat and Yaya is hiding.  It hard to take a picture of 33 excitable baboons and get them all in.  I can't see Denis either.

On Sunday morning we started our breakfast at home with blueberries and raspberries with yogurt.  Very nice and healthy!!

As if that wasn't enough berries we went to Olivos for breakfast blackcurrant pancakes!  With cream!!  Manperson had maple syrup with his instead of cream.  They were completely yummy!!

We got the boys who were camera shy yesterday to have their photo taken.  Hoppo and Jack at the back and Washington and Denis at the front.  You can see they were reluctant, but there was no need to be they are all good looking boys!!

In the afternoon it was raining so we dozed and watched more FA cup football.  Manperson was cooking a dish with this vegetable.  Harry and Little Tony found it and wondered what it was.  I explained it was a butternut squash.


  1. Yoo always have the most nommy noms at #BaboonHQ! Hope yoo have sunpuddles today! ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) OxO

  2. Aw its sad to say goodbye but its a noo avenchure too! xo

  3. We are ready and waiting for our new family member, we are hopeing he is as brave and bold as Brian

  4. WOW, I'm curious as to how many you have rehomed? I have one and know of several Twitter pals who also have one. You must be up to about 100 now? What a great project you have going.

  5. OMD my pal...i dint kno dat Baboon HQ was so stuffied wiv baboons! Yoo haz a full skwad....