Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day out at the Owl and Monkey Haven

As you know @henryandfriends and @BearBerkeley and I had a day out at the Owl and Haven on the island where I live.

We were so happy that Berkeley could join us because I had not met him before and I always wanted to.
I took Scamp with me so he could meet Berkeley because they are brothers. We met Henry and Berkeley at the hovercraft terminal I didn't get to go on the hovercraft this time because I was already here and if I went on the hovercraft I would be on the other side. Then we got a bus to the Haven which is a few miles from our town.
It was a very bright sunny day so we didn't get as many pictures as we hoped because the light was so bright and the monkeys were enjoying the sunshine.

The first friend I saw was Martin who is adopted by our friend Hunter (@Kyba) and my friend Monkey in Dallas. At first he seemed very busy and didn't want to talk to me but I could see he had lots of things to play with in his enclosure so no wonder he wasn't interested in talking. I wanted to talk to him about signing him up to play for Arsenal

Eventually he did come over and talk to me, he drove a hard bargain saying that he would play for Arsenal but only if Olly (@OllyTed) paid him in banana cakes and banana chips. I will have to speak to Olly about that but we are sure we can come to some arrangement. They said Martin was intelligent but I never realised he would drive quite such a hard bargain.

After visiting Martin we went ouside and met some really interesting monkeys who swing about and sing all day they were fantastic. After lunch we decided to copy them and sit in a tree to keep cool. Unfortunately some of us got hidden behind a branch but that wasn't a problem for me. Now I'm really behaving like a monkey at last.

I really wanted to get a picture with Kajan for @MarshallSheldon however she was much more interested in eating her lunch and wouldn't come over even though I waited and waite. You can see how many things she has got to play with so why would she bother with me. I hope she didn't think I was trying to sign Martin up for Arsenal and not her. I would have signed her up to if she had come over to talk, maybe next time. My own adopted monkey, Fudge was also playing it cool and didn't come to talk to me.

We also visited the owls and Berkeley led the climb up the fence to have a closer look with Henry and Scamp not far behind. The owl looked rather bored with them and slept through the who thing.

There are lots more wonderful monkeys and owls at the haven including the singing gibbons who are hillarious although our friends Martin and Kagan (@AdoptedMonkeys) would probably say we need to try living next to them before we say that. There are sweet little marmosets with tiny babies and other very intesting monkeys. I would recommend anyone who visits the Isle of Wight to go and visit them, they are very welcoming and its lots of fun. If you can't get to visit at least have a look at the website to see the monkeys in their home and learn more about them.
We had a lovely day and thank you to Henry and Berkeley for making it such a nice day out.


  1. Oh my, it looks like you had a brilliunt day my chum. How pawsome to meet Henry and Berkeley. We would love to do day mebbe....I think Martin would make a useful player for Arsenal. He looks more solidly built than Aaron Ramsey at least....

  2. Kolo....What a great day you all had.The monkeys look so happy its a delight to see.I love the pics,Pasihuggggs

  3. awww this beary egsytin nd i happi yew got too see munkeys nd henry nd berkeley nd it wos a sunni dey!

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  5. oh It was an awesome trip with Henry and Berkeley and you could listen to the nice monkey's voice. hugs

  6. Wow how grate you got to all get together an visit da monkeyz!

  7. It was lovely to meet you too Kolo and to take me to the Monkey Haven. The Owls came as a pleasant surprise and so did the people who ate the toasted tea cake so they were out of them when I wanted one. I have to coame back so we can have toasted tea cake togheter my friend.


  8. what a pawsome blog post kolo! love it. wish i cud go visit da monkees wiff ewe!

  9. Sigh! I would so love to visit you and Monkey Island. But M says it takes $$ (whatever they are) to visit you, so we'll probably never get to make the trip.

  10. That looks like a fun day. Mummy says that we might go to see some monkeys that live a little way off from us but I shall have to have a special carrier before we go because they are let out among the people. Mummy says sometimes they take things off people and they might want to adopt me so I need to be somewhere really safe so they can't take me away.

  11. Kolo looks like a wonderful day out wif da pals!!The monkey Island place is a great Idea !!! Thank you pals xoxoxo

  12. G'day Kolo.
    What a gr8 day wif Henry, Berkley & Scamp. I can't believe they didn't want to speak to Henry... he always says such nice things. (& so do u!:)
    Kolo, u know that tree u're all sittin in... it's a Straylian Eucalyptus/Gum Tree - how about that!
    How much did u haf to pay for the bus mate?