Sunday, 27 February 2011

Animal Adoptions

For all sorts of reason not all of us can have pets in our homes. However, that doesn't me we can't help with caring for animals. Most of you know that I talk a lot about animal adoptions and you are probably thinking, here goes Kolo again but I think it is an important issue to talk about.

I always used to sponsor donkeys on behalf of friends and @henryandfriends and I have a great day at the donkey sanctuary visiting his donkey Snowy and other donkey friends that other anipals had adopted even though they lived too far away to visit them. Its important that we look after donkeys because some people are not very nice to them.

But as you know, I'm a baboon, you can call me a monkey or a primate whatever you prefer. Imagine how happy I was when I heard that a moneky (and owl) sanctuary had opened on my island. I was very excited to adopt monkeys for friends at Christmas, I know Huntyr (@kyba) has great fun having Martin's adoption from the sanctuary and @marshallsheldon loves Kajan, his adopted monkey very much nad friends of ours in Texas enjoying Martin and Fudge in their family.

On thing I have never thought of doing was to adopt an animal myself. But this week I took the plunge and adopted Fudge from the Owl and Monkey Haven on the island and here I am with my certificate. I haven't passed any exams so this is my first certificate ever and I am very proud because I think it means more degrees or diplomas, what it means is that my adoption feed has gone to help the haven to help Fudge and other adoption fees go to helping Fudge and his friends have a fulfilling life and I think that is important.

Most sanctuaries and havens send news letters by post or e-mail to keep you up to date about your animal and the adopted monkeys Martin and Kajan have even been tweeting with us as @AdoptedMonkeys on Twitter, that is really cool don't you think!! Yes OK they tell us they are throwing poo around but they're having fun and its great talking to them.

There are all sorts of animals that can be adopted, in the past my people have adopted dogs from the Dogs Trust and a friend adopted a river otter on our behalf. So its up to all the individals to decide what sort of animal they want to adopt or sponsor and I am sure they can find a sancturary that will enable them to do that.

I am lucky because Fudge, Martin, Kajan and their friends live near me and I am going to visit them soon with @henryandfriends. If anyone wants to adopt a monkey from there I can visit them on their behalf, but otherwise, if you want to help animals and cannot have pets at home or have as many pets as you can cope with, remember that another way of helping animals is to adopt one in a haven. Its great fun and you really feel part of something.

The on the Isle of Wight have a great website: have a look they have fun videos and stories about the animals. If monkeys and owls are not your thing I am sure you can find animals to adopt that suit you by searching the internet or talking to people locally.


  1. Fudge is very lucky to have you as his adopted friend.

  2. Awww dear friend, you are such a kind baboon to adopt Fudge. I would say he is one lucky monkey. What a great charity to work with and you are so lucky to have it on your island.

  3. I love hearing about your animal adoptions-it's a touching topic and always so interesting! How exciting that you adopted one of your own--that is a fancy certificate for sure!

  4. Wot a very nice minkey Fudge looks. I like his hair. he remind me of Lola. Well done to you my pal for settin a good example.....and sorry about the footie

  5. that is wunnaful kolo - i soo happi yew adoptid fudge nd wot a luffly certiffycayke! i beary prowd of yew my big harted furend! *hug hug*

  6. Thank you Kolo for being so kind & adoptin animals to care for! Thank you for being our friend HUgs xoxoox

  7. I(@kyba) got to adopt Martin at thanks to Kolo_Martin.
    Martin and I have been having fun on twitter.
    If you adopt a monkey from there, let me know as the adopted monkeys have there own twitter and can chat together.

  8. I am proud of you Kolo, You have own certificate, and Fudge's life will be better. Big Spencer's hugs!

  9. Its is great to sponsor.I sponsored Pasika a mountain gorilla for nearly 8 years nd now she is a mother of 2 babies...Well done Kolo,Pasihugs xxxx

  10. Kolo we loves reading about dis!!! Mai mom and I just love monkeys [espeshally ewe!] and da idea of adopting/sponsoring one is just too kewl! We is gonna look on da site now to learn more about it. And BOL at 'dem throwing 'der poo around ~ 'dose silly monkeys know how to haff a gud time!