Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Leroy's Adventure Part 1 - Texas

Kolo very kindly said I could use his blog to tell the tales of my travels and show you the pictures. I will be doing it in two installments as we have so many pictures. I thought I would start with Texas as we arrived there and then do LA next. Thank you Kolo for letting me use your blog. We had no doubt we were in the US when we saw the stars and bars hanging up everywhere. Needless to say we had to take pictures of each other with the flag.

First my brother Henry took a picture of me and then I took one of him just to prove to oursleves we were in the US and also to introduce my little brother (or bother) to you. This is Henry in this picture.

We just love our Bearmani holiday outfits that Snuffy made.

Then we had to work out what state we were in as we knew we were going to Texas and California but we needed clues as to where we had arrived as Henry and I have never been very far before this was a confusing experience so we started looking for clues.

Our friend Monkey (@hi_im_monkey) met us at the airport and took us for tea. We know that Monkey lives in Dallas but we also know he is a traveller so that was not too much of a clue and the tea shop seemed very English. Its very nice its called the Culture Cup ( We had coffee which made us seem like the Americans as Monkey, who is American, had tea. But don't we look American in our outfits. We needed more clues to decided which state we were in.

Ah now here is a clue this car has a Texan number plate it says Texas, shows a cowboy and says its the Loan Star State. Agh but cars can drive anywhere is this enough of a clue?

Ah now here was something more helpful, a yellow rose, could this be the famous yellow rose of Texas. I was beginning to feel confident that we were in Texas.

Oh now here is a big clue, the Texas Longhorns shop we know they are a Texan team so I can't imagine they would have a shop in another state. Now I'm feeling more confident.

Oh now here is a big clue what about this Texas Barbecue resturant. Well obviously we wouldn't eat there as we are vegetarians but it does look Texan doesn't it. By this time I was beginning to feel that this was definitely Texas. I should have taken more notice of what airport we landed in really but I was too excited.

Oh by now I was certain we were in Texas look at this diner seat at Norma's Diner, now that is the Texan flag isn't it. By this time I knew we were in Texas where else could we be?

Ah yes we knew we were in Texas when we saw our friend Betty she lives in Texas and here she is welcoming us to Texas. Right this is Texas Henry now we can be sure.

When you are in the USA you need to visit a soda fountain so we visited this one at Highland Park Dallas, it is very traditional and is the home of the best milk shake in Dallas. We had grilled cheese as we know that is a US delicacy and 12 April 2011 was national grilled cheese day in the US so what else would you eat?

Can you think of a better place than this to have a soda and a grilled cheese sandwich? I certainly can't.

So we were in Texas and we had a great adventure there, but our next adventure was to go to LA to meet our friend @pinkbunnyr. We were very excited and here with are with Monkey at Dallas Fort Worth Airport waiting for a plane to take us to LA to meet her. We were very excited as you can see. I will show my pictures of me, Henry and Monkey in LA in my next blog tomorrow (I hope) and you can see pictures of us meeting Pink Bunny, she is so lovely and we had a fantastic time with her. But that story is for another day.


  1. How fun! *sings* The stars at night/Are big and bright/Deep in the heart of Texas! *clap clap clap clap* :) Can't wait to see part 2 of your US adventure!

  2. it sounds like Leroy had a grate time in Texas which makes me furry proud since I live in Texas! can't wait til your next trip here Kolo, *paws crossed* ewe can make a stop here in Austin!

  3. O dat do looks like a beary nice trip u had to Texas. I can no waits to seed da LA pikshures!

  4. yay wot a brilant trip - fank yew fur sharin!

  5. yeeehah !!! That was Texas,alright,what super pics.You and Henry look so smart and happy...roll on the next part...MegaPasihugggs

  6. What a great adventure! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  7. Oh it makes us home sick as mom did live there so long!!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time !! Can't wait till tomorrows episodes!!LA,California here we come !!

  8. oh you look American lions in red Bearmani outfits in front of the flag,I enjoyed your trip Leroy, thank you for sharing, I look forward to reading the continue.

  9. wat an xciting trip! I can't wate to hear moar!

  10. "Oh, the Yellow Rose Of Texas..."!! Really enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing the pawesome pics - looking forward to more tomorrow. Oh, and very pleased to meet, you, Henry!! :-)

  11. Oh, quite an adventure already :o)

  12. Hey Leroy & Henry! You 2 are so lucky - you're world travelers now! wooHOO

    I didn't know about grilled cheese samich day. Huh Dang! I missed it.

    Looks like you're having a sooper dooper time - looking forward to your next post! XoX

    Oh, uh, how come Kolo didn't go with you?

  13. You are so lucky to be in Texas guys. I wud love to be tryin some grillled cheez....did you bing any back?

  14. mmm grilled cheese and the ever popular "palm beach" (aka grilled pimento cheese with lettuce).

  15. WOW, it seems you had a pawsome trip to Texas!!! And Betty looks so nice!!! Can't wait to welcome you to Cologne and show you around, you are a well traveled lion!!!

  16. You made a beary nice trip. Nice to read.

  17. Leroy, mate!
    What a gr8 trip, & it's gr8 to meet Henry & Monkey... & Betty too. (She's not like #BettyBlue)
    I thought Lions were carnivores, so I've learnt something new. Glad u enjoyed the cheese.
    I'm off to read yr LA blog.