Monday, 6 June 2016

Aboo's outing

Another lovely day, and no work, so we had another outing.  This time Aboo wanted to be in the pictures.  He is quite a character!  We did a favourite walk.

We started at Freshwater Bay and climbed up onto the Downs.  Aboo was quite proud of himself for doing that and he looked back at where he had been.  Then we climbed up Tennyson Down.

This was a bit much for Aboo and he dramatically stretched out on a bench claiming to be exhausted.

After a rest he had a look at the Tennyson memorial and explored his surroundings a bit.

He looked over at the mainland.

He checked out the distances to various places.

From there he looked at where we would be going next.  We were walking right to the end of the island, above the Needles.  He was pleased to see that the next part would be down hill.

From there he climbed a tree to see the views.  He looked in all directions.

All rather beautiful!  It's good to be a baboon and be able to climb trees because you can see a lot more things.

We walked to the end of the island and back to the foot of Tennyson Down.

Aboo was a bit put out to see that he had to climb again.

He put up a bit of a protest, folded arms, not doing it!!

Oh well, it worked, he managed to hitch a lift!!  Well done Aboo!

Finally lunch.  We went to the Dandelion Cafe in the Haven walking holidays hotel.  Aboo is a skinny chap but he eats plenty.  He couldn't make up his mind between the humus with pitta or the nachos with sour cream and salsa, so he decided to have a bit of both.

More adventures to come!!


  1. I like the look of those nachos!

  2. Baboonery abownds wiv Aboo cadging a lift, cheeky fella, heehee! Jezz may fancy thos nachos but ey had my eyes on dem olives frum moment wun, LOL! Annuva egsellent walkie arownd yur lubly island, fanks fur sharing! Big Huuggs!!! :O) :=o)

  3. Great bloggy xxx always a joy

  4. Brilliant stuff as always. Getting a lift is very wise- don't want to overdo it Aboo

  5. Aboo is just like his cousin Joe Baboonamassa, very funny xxx