Sunday, 5 June 2016

Hot day out!

We are having very good weather on Baboon Island, so Harry decided to go out and see the sights.  He did a walk that Russell did recently, the Freshwater Way.

This walk takes you along a disused railway track alongside the River Yar (there are two rivers on the island called Yar, this is the West Yar, guess what the other one is called).  Harry climbed up to check the tide, which was clearly out.

A little further on, and out of the trees, he could see more.  He looked towards where we were going and back towards Yarmouth where we started, you can just see the expensive boats there.

We reached the causeway at Freshwater, where Harry had a rest.  He wanted to talk to ducks but the tide was too far out. After that we turned off the disused railway and soon we were in fields.

First Harry looked towards where we were going, the hill ahead of him is the home of the Freshwater golf club and then you get to the sea.  He also saw some horses but they seemed big so he kept his distance.

After the golf club we turned inland again, through a nature reserve and into fields backing onto a hotel.  Harry found that not all horses are quite so big.  These ones were far less scary.

After walking eight miles it was time for lunch at Gossips Cafe in Yarmouth.  Harry could choose between the cheese, ham and pineapple melt without ham, or the cheese ham and pineapple melt without pineapple.  I can see he is leaning towards the one with pineapple.

After lunch he had a look at Yarmouth Harbour.  This monster ate the wood beams in the old pier.  Harry was brave to climb on him.

The Yarmouth lifeboat was in the harbour so Harry had a look.  He likes lifeboats.

Then he looked at some expensive boats in the harbour.  On balance we baboons prefer to stay on land so he didn't want to actually go on them.

Harry had a great day out and it was very warm.  He did remember to put sunscreen on and we hope all of you do to.

Thank you for reading.  More adventures to come.


  1. Wot a grrrand day owt!That wus a long walk befor lunch so wel dun - yus deserved a super meal! :O) Lotsa lub frum Paco too! :=o)

  2. What a lovely blog, so glad you had a nice day out xxx 'huge hugs'