Saturday, 29 August 2015

#MiniBreeze and the scooters

#MiniBreeze is disappointed about not going on holiday, but what happened yesterday made up for it, if we had been in the US, as planned, he would have missed this.  Yesterday #MiniBreeze kept on hearing an unfamiliar noise outside, almost like a sewing machine, it came and went all day.  As it was sunny, he decided to take a walk and investigate.

As he got near to the seafront he saw a bigger crowd than usual, so he decided this was worth looking at.

He saw scooters on the grass.  This was a clue!!  #MiniBreeze had come across the Annual Isle of Wight Scooter Rally.  This is a big event in the island's calendar, every August Bank Holiday weekend.  This event is so big that it is second only, in the island calendar, to @tourguideted's #IOWtweet-up that happens in July each year.  The scooter rally brings approximately 5,000 scooters and riders to the island from all over the country.  Many of the riders belong to clubs.

#MiniBreeze needed to find out more.

This one had so many lights that #MiniBreeze decided to have a seat.  The manperson was pretty excited by this scooter as well.

No don't worry they were not stealing it, you can just see the owner in the background.

Everywhere #MiniBreeze looked he could see more scooters.

There were scooters everywhere.

He was surrounded by scooters and scooterists.

He even saw scooters with Union Flags on them.

The rally goes on for two more days so #MiniBreeze is going down to the seafront again.  On Sunday there will be a big ride out when all the scooters will go for a ride together.  Some scooterists come every year.  Its an exciting event.  All the hotels are full, some of the scooterists camp on campsites.  Lets hope the weather stays good for them.


  1. That looks like a fun day thank you for sharing this


  2. the #peejayday edishun it out!

    your in it!

  3. Wonderful to see all the bikes and nice of them to let your man person sit on one. Jose saw the ride out it was nice as the sun was out to happy Island holiday to all at baboon HQ x

  4. Fink Claptun seen em too Kolo my pal....ope it not too noyzee for da Eye-land