Wednesday, 19 August 2015

#MiniBreeze and Mini-Kolo have lunch with Henry

#MiniBreeze enjoyed his lunch with @Henryandfriends, in April, so much that, as we are off work, we decided to do it again.  This time Henry came over to our island for lunch in our favourite Mediterranean restaurant.

Mini-Kolo decided that as he was not going to get to wear his holiday shirt in California, this year, he would wear it for going out to lunch.

We met up with Henry and looked at the menu while we chatted.

A big decision had to be made - pizza or salad!!

Well Henry and #MiniBreeze are at least checking out the salad, but I think there is no doubt what Mini-Kolo is looking at.

Well the others made a choice, Henry seems to have gone for the salad but #MiniBreeze has gone for the pizza.  he is sharing it with Henry's friends Wee Wilf and Rose, they look interested, but they are tiny so #MiniBreeze needn't worry about sharing.

We chatted for ages and had a very good time.  Thank you for coming over Henry, we hope you enjoyed your day here.


  1. Yyayayayay...great to see Rose nd wee Wilf xx

  2. Wot a smashing shirt, Kolo!! Alwayz luvverlee to see dear Henry the Wise Bear enjoying a meal wiv good buddies - mayks the noms taste ebben betta, heehee! Big Huuggs to All :O) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Ah gud to see da old pals togevver Kolo my pal