Monday, 9 September 2013

Mini-Kolo in Boston

After a good flight on Alaskan Airlines Mini-Kolo and our people arrived in Boston.  They booked into the hotel and got a great view from the window.

They were on the 10th floor so they could see the Charles River.  More excitingly they were right behind Mass General Hospital, so there was plenty going on.  The night skyline was exciting with neon and plenty of activity.  Being behind the hospital, everytime they went out they saw lots of people in medical scrubs, carrying large mugs of coffee.

Mini-Kolo has been to Boston before so he knew exactly where to go to get a good pizza.  This gets a good baboon rating.

That made him feel at home.  An early night was needed after getting up at 4.30 am for the flight to Boston so in the morning he was keen for breakfast.  They went to Panificio in Charles Street for pancakes.

This cafe does get a high baboon rating, however, there were no bananas on the menu!!

They did quite a lot of exploring that day, including walking down Commonwealth Avenue and Boston Common.  Mini-Kolo met Mr Washington and was keen to show him that he was supporting the Red Sox.

Lunchtime, and a visit to Durgin Park resturant was called for!!  This resturant is a Boston institution and they do lovely fish cakes.

Mini-Kolo decided to try Boston baked beans with his fish cakes.  This was all very tasty and gets a really good baboon rating.

There was more exploring in the afternoon to walk off the fishcakes and fries.  Mini-Kolo managed to find the Charles River.

The next day Mini-Kolo explored Boston Harbour.  He enjoyed the sunshine looking out at the boats.

He also wants it to be known that he walked the Freedom Trail and a trail around South Boston.  He feels that justifies all the eating he did.  However, there is no photographic evidence of this.

In the evening Mini-Kolo met up with Michelle (@grrlysquirrel75).  This also gave him the chance to catch up with another re-homed baboon, Barrett.  They went to the north end where there is lovely Italian food.

This picture was taken before he managed to fall off his chair and out of the open window onto the sidewalk.  Fortunately our manpeson rescued him, although Mini-Kolo maintains that it was our manperson who caused him to do that in the first place.  Anyway, alls well that ends well.  He demanded a gelato to help him get over his injuries, but actually he didn't have any injuries, so sorry Mini-Kolo no gelato. 
They had lovely Italian food in the north end of Boston
The next morning Mini-Kolo went to Quincey Market for breakfast, he bought coffee and a red pepper scone (which sounds unusual to me).
He also spotted these yummy toffee apples, they looked very colourful, although we think there might have been too many E numbers in them to be good for Mini-Kolo.
With all that coffee on the streets and in the cafes I wonder why Boston is talked about in terms of tea!  Well historically we do all know what that was about but as a British baboon I will say no more!!
That day was supposed to be their last day in Boston, so after a bit more strolling and shopping they made their way to Logan airport in time for their flight.
So, why did they wake up here the next morning?
This is the highly expensive Fairmont Hotel in Boston.  Why were they there instead of at home in Baboon HQ?  Well you would need to ask British Airways about that!  They didn't spend long there as they got there at 1 am, but there were breakfast pancakes.  It would all have been very nice but they wanted to be back at Baboon HQ.
However, not to miss out on making the best of things Mini-Kolo found a farmers' market to shop in.
The market was in the square opposite to the hotel and it does look good.

There were fantastic baked goods and fruit.  Mini-Kolo decided that, rather than having lunch in the hotel, he would buy something from the market.

He bought golden raspberries which were yummy, some spinach and mushroom bread, pumpkin bread and, how could he resist? Banana bread.

Well eventually they had to return to Logan airport to go through all the check-in and security checks again.  Once he got through Mini-Kolo managed to find a comfortable seat.

Yes this is a much more comfortable seat than you usually find at airports and it made the 5 hour wait much more enjoyable.  Especially when he could watch planes taking off and landing.

It was a good job he was there because somebody needed to find the plane, nobody else was telling them where it was.  You do get a good view from Logan of nice homes and sailing boats on the sound.

Well they did get home eventually, more than 24 hours late and rather tired, grumpy and disorientated.  It was a good trip and they are happy they went, but the travel disruption was tiring and frustrating.


  1. oh my kolo boston dus look all abowt th food hehe. doo yew fink they haf no tee becos they dumped it all in ther harbor?

    boston is wun of unkles fave playses in merrycar but i haffent been. i am pleesd yew got howm safe nd sownd but kno how tirin nd frustraytin air pawts can be. *hug hug*

  2. It look just special in Boston....Mini Kolo finds all the best places to eat !!!!!

  3. That Farmers Market luked faboolus! No bananas wiv the pancayks though- wots the wurld coming too! Such a shame yoo had that long delay - British Airways got a zero Baboon rating and quite rite too! Gud to be howm but wot a grand time in Amerika, yay!
    Huuggs and kisses! :O) :=) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Another great visit Mini Kolo! You did seem to spend a LOT of time eating in this town (not a complaint!) but glad you walked the Freedom Trail to work it off.
    Sorry of your problems getting home, we know that feeling, and it is a bit of a drag, but at least you got a good hotel for part of the night (better than the airport floor).
    Thanks for posting your travel tales! TGT

  5. How lovely! I like Boston too. I am glad you had a good time Kolo.

  6. Wat grate advenchures you had on your trip, Iz so happy you shared your pix with us! *purrrrrrr*

  7. it is always nice to read the story of your travels .... Kolo .... many many hugs

  8. Is good they was hazzin a nice oliday my pal even if the BA was fallin asleep on their makin us get excited bowt da familee trip to da USA nex year

  9. I was holding my breath there for a moment, when you fell from the hotel window sweetie. I'm so pleased you were not hurt. You all seemed to have a good holiday, such a shame about the delays though. Those pancakes looked delicious. Glad you are all home safe and sound. (((Hugs))))