Friday, 13 September 2013

Freddy visits the monkeys

Mini-Kolo had a long holiday and a lot of adventures so he is quite tired.  When there is an opportunity for a day out we always have a willing volunteer in Freddy.  Freddy started his day out by visiting the Quay Arts Centre in Newport.  Sadly there was no art in the galleries as they were setting up a new exhibition.  However, they cafe was in full working order and Freddy had lunch.

He had a panini with aged cheddar (it didn't seem to bother him how old it was), pickled red onions and crisps.  Freddy enjoyed that and it gave him the energy he needed to visit the monkeys.  Freddy visited the Owl and Monkey Haven which is near Newport, on the road to Ryde.

He visited all the monkeys.  He started by visiting Martin and Lulu with their new baby, Malou who was born in May this year.

This is Martin, the father, who is a white-throated capuchin.

Here are Luly and the baby Malou.  Freddy moved on to visit the Lar Gibbons, Somer and Rasmaya, these are fun primates they are always swinging around and having a good time.

There was a bit of wrestling going on here.  Freddy moved on to visit the Javan langurs, we lost dear Fudge this year, but the community goes on.  The red furred chap is Wheat and the darker ones are the females, Treacle, Makazive and Tonka.  These are lively primates who like to have a good time.

These are really handsome primates.  Next Freddy visited the ring tailed Lemurs, Crotched and Tornado.


Freddy visited the red tailed guenon Djebra.  He has had a sad history in the past but he looked much more interested in his dinner than that.

What a sweet face he has.  Next Freddy moved on to visit the Muller's gibbons Bono and Kajan and the siamangs Bog and Xhabu.  I am not sure who is who and most of them were far more interested in eating than in chatting to Freddy but one was friendly.

The next visit was to the Colobus monkeys, Tirana, Sana and young Praia.  This is Praia.

How cute is that!  The adults were more active swinging around and arguing with their neighbours.

The neighbours in question were the Rhesus macaques, they were a fun bunch.  The adults are Hobo, Dray and Tammy and the children are Spock and Minka.  They were all full of fun, arguing with the Colobus monkeys, swinging and playing.  Minka was particularly funny using the end of a pinapple as a plaything and sticking it to her face.  I wish we could have got a photo of that.

Little Minka is in the corner there.
Freddy visited the smaller primates.


Cotton-top tamarins.

Red-belly tamarin, when we did get a glimps of his tummy it was red.

Freddy also visited the owls. Understandably most of them were sleepy in the middle of the day and were in the back of their cages.  The snowy owls were very sweet though.

We are very excited that the Haven will be getting some Barbary macaques soon and we will go back to visit them.  They are the wonderful apes that you can see in Gibralta.  We are excited to meet them when they arrive.

Freddy had a great day at the Haven and will be back soon.  They are getting more and more monkeys there all the time and doing wonderful work.  To find out more about the monkeys and owls or to read about the work the Haven does see for further information.


  1. Iz good to see all ower pals at da Sanctuaree....we is still sad bowt Fudge...but at least i do chat wiv him ats da Bridge

  2. Good blog. So many different types of monkey- I learnt so much.
    (And that panini looked very yummy).


  3. Wunderful to see ebearybuddy again - grrreat bloggy!
    Huuggs and kisses! :O) and :=) xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  5. oh kolo wot a supah dey owt freddy had :) wee dus sponsors munkey at th owl nd monkey haven soo it is wundahful too see wots gowin on ther *hug hug* luffin it!

  6. What an interesting post!!! There are soooooo many lovely monkeys to meet at the sanctuary!!! Love the dining monkey and the little posing snow owls!!! Thank you very much for another blog, which brings smiles to the readers!!! Love and HUGGIES Freya :-)

  7. Freddy looked like he had a super time at the sanctuary. How wonderful talking to all those lovely monkeys.