Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Valentine Romance

Calling all primates - that includes you humans!

If any of you have not thought of a romantic thing to do for Valentine's day yet here is something to think about  You can help give a lovely young couple of primates a new start in their new home.  Martin has been lonely but now he has Lulu, they need a new home together.

This is a Valentine present that any partner would appreciate, a donation to Martin and Lulu!

Martin & Lulu Appeal

How could anyone resist helping these little primates, see how much Martin wants to be with Lulu!

Thank you all for reading.

Love from Kolo


  1. he looks very much like the @adoptivemonkeys Martin LOLOLOL

  2. OMC LuLu! Jusht likes mai Lulu? Iz will go halp!

  3. Oh yes Huntyr that is your adopted monkey Martin but now he has a girlfriend!