Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentine competition results

I always get excited about the results of the competitions and then I am always sad that not everyone could win.  Before I announce the winners I will just mention that there is an adopt a wild baboon competition in the next edition of Fauguex, coming out on 1 March and I will be announcing my Easter competition in a few weeks time, so watch out for both of those.

I use an internet random number generator to draw the winners.  Winners will also be notified via Twitter or Can Be Social.

Congratulations to the winners, who are:

The first number to be drawn was number 26 - that is Monty.  This is very exciting because Monty is @MrsFiddlesticks and @Tim_Kirby's re-homed baboon.  Imagine that a re-homed baboon now has the chance to adopt a monkey or owl of his own.  Monty is interested in conservation so this will be a great prize for him and I reckon that he might even persuade his family to bring him to visit his chosen monkey or owl.

Monty please look at and choose your monkey or owl and then DM me on Twitter to let me know which monkey or owl you want to adopt and how you want your name put on the certificate.  I will do the rest.  I know your family are busy so no hurry.

The second number to come out was number 20 - that is @Teddy_Red.  Teddy Red wins the T-shirt in aid of the rabbit sanctuary.

Teddy please look at and let me know what colour and size you want and where you would like it sent.  I wonder what colour Teddy will choose!  Any guesses anyone?

The third number to come out was number 18 - Greg and Burnie and little Chriss, our lovely bearents bears from Can Be Social, they win the re-homed jellycat baboon!  Greg and Burnie we will send the sweet baboon on to you as soon as I can get my person to the post office!!  He is really looking forward to meeting you and becoming part of your exciting family.

Congratulations to all the winners.  If you didn't win anything this time hang on in there, there will be many more competition.

Remember to look out for the wild baboon competition in Fauguex (that doesn't mean you have to have an angry baboon in your home) and I will advertise my Easter competition in a few weeks.  I hope eventually all my friends will win prizes.

Thank you for entering.


  1. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to you Kolo for running the contest.

  2. Congratulations everyone. And great prizes again. I do love the contests it is beary exciting. Hugs

  3. Thanks fur adding to twitter fun by having eggsciting contezts. Hugs to u. Gabby

  4. Congrats to all. I kno ow awsoem it is to win one of da moneky prozes so I know Monty will be hazzin fun wiv his winnins.