Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Leroy in Kent

I have been travelling again and Kolo has kindly let me use his blog again to tell you about my adventures. This time I stayed in England even though I had to go on a boat to get there, I visited Kent in the south east of England. It was very windy there so I had to be careful having pictures taken to make sure I did get blown away and sometimes my person had to hold onto me to stop me being blow away as I am quite small and light. We were not surprised to see there was a wind farm off the coast but its not usually as bad as it was this weekend.
We visited Broadstairs which is a nice little seaside town in Kent and did some travelling. This is what Broadstairs looks like and I recommend it to anyone especially when the wind dies down.
That is quite a lot of pictures of Broadstairs but it is very pretty so I wanted you to see it.
We stay in a hotel, last time we were in a hotel you saw us looking at the Pacific Ocean out of the window, this time it is the English Channel you can see behind us and France is not far away.
One of the most important places in Broadstairs is Morelli's its a big ice cream parlour and it has not changed since the 1950's. Of course we had to go there it was too windy outside but this is what it looks like so if you ever visit Broadstairs you will be sure to go there.
Henry and I found a very big ice cream there, here it is.
I think between all us anipals we could managed to eat that no worries!
Then it was lunchtime and we looked for somewhere for lunch. We discovered that one of our friends has a resturant in Broadstairs.
Unfortunately Marley (@marleyterrier) must have been attending the Royal Wedding because it was closed so we had to go back to Morelli's and have an ice cream instead.
In the afternoon we went to visit Joss Bay because Jazzy (@jazzydacat) asked us to say hello to Joss Bay. It was a good job we did go because they needed us to do lifeguarding like we did in LA what a good job we were there to help them out.
It was very windy with some big waves so we had to do quite a lot of rescues. We were glad of our Bearmani hoodies that Snuffy (@snuffynorton) made as it was breezy.
On the way back from Joss bay we stopped off to look at North Forelands lighthouse that helps ships and ferries to navigate the English Channel between England and France it is very beautiful there.
Charles Dickens lived at Broadstairs for a while and he owned this house, do you recognise the book title. I think somebody called it that later because Dickens lived there, actually he wrote Barnaby Rudge while he was there not Bleak House. It was very windy and I had to enlist help to have photos taken.
Here you can see Mr Dickens. I had to be held up here the wind was fierce and there was a large and not very friendly dog on the other side of the wall I couldn't wait to get away. He was nothing like our anipals at all.
On Saturday we went to Ramsgate where it was windy again. I found a little church on the harbour dedicated to sailors and to "smack boys". Don't get the wrong idea about this smack boys, they were apprentices on fishing boats known as fishing smacks.
I needed help again because of the strong wind.
On Sunday we went walking the other way back past Joss Bay where they asked us to be lifeguards again but we had other things to do. We thought we would visit our friends @WallasEKatt and @Isa_Gold because they live in Australia and that is where we thought we were, actually we have a few anipal friends there but we couldn't find any of their houses. I wonder why!!
Some naughty people had done graffiti on the sign and we think that was covering the directions to our friends houses. Botany Bay is in Australia isn't it??? There were certainly big surf waves there so it must have been Australia mustn't it??
On Monday we started making our way to Deal where we were visiting Wenda and Edward. On the way we stopped at a place that our friend Arf (@monkeysbrother) would like cos it has a big famous golf course and there will be a big important tournament there this year. Its called Sandwich which sounds funny but its a town not our dinner.
It is a very historic place and I'm going to put some more pictures of it here because it is so old and beautiful.
This is what the streets and like in Sandwich old and beautiful and very narrow it is a lovely place. Look at this house below it was built in 1517 and somebody is still living there. Imagine that.
Finally we reached Deal. We started by visiting Deal castle which was built to protect us against the French, they had some great cannon there. There are quite a lot of castles on that stretch of coast built to protect us from the French. Shame really I like the French they invented croissants and who can complain about that?
While we were in Deal we met a very important person, she is smaller than I thought! She had had a very busy weekend so maybe she had shrunk a bit, she seemed very happy to see a couple of British lions anyway.
Well acutally she was not the most important person we met in Deal (I hope that is not treason)! We met Wenda and Edward who loved our clothes and were very happy to see us (now you know why we had to go in the washing machine last weekend)!
You can see they made quite a fuss of us, we like being made a fuss of so that was fine. We had a lovely lunch with them and then we set off for home, a long car journey and then the boat back to the Isle of Wight. We had a great trip and we are very lucky to get to go the the USA and Kent in one month. We have not got any more travel plans for a while but we will let you know when we are off roving again.
Thank you for reading our story.
Clothes by Bearmain (@Snuffy_Norton)


  1. We just love to go on your journeys with you, Leroy! It's sooooo much fun to read about your adventures! Can't stop laughing about the little Queen, the stressy time she had, really must have shrunk her! Sandra loves the English seaside, thank you very much for sharing your great pictures again! We're really glad to hear, that the wind didn't blow you off to the open sea!
    Love and BIGGEST HUGS from Mookie, Sandra and Freya!!! XXX

  2. Thanks so much for letting us all share your trip - Broadstairs looks like a lovely place! I'd love to visit Morelli's and help to tackle that ice-cream - purrrr... You both look very snug and stylish in your Bearmani clothes - think @Snuffy_Norton is a great designer :-)

  3. Oooo - did someone say ice cream! Yumm. You have the greatest adventures. Sigh-I never get to go anywhere.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your holiday trip with us!! I enjoyed it so much,made us feel like ee were there with you!!!

  5. My what a super time you nd Henry had!! I think I would have loved Morellis,mmmmmmmmmmm..thanks for sharing this new adventure,looking forward to the next one!! Pasikisses xx

  6. Your Queen is tiny! Almost as small as me! I didn't know!

  7. It looks like a relly exciting trip.

  8. What a great story and pictures! Now I feel like I went on vacation there myself! :) I especially loved the picture of the castle.

  9. I enjoyed the traveling story, I think it was tasty time in the Morelli's and the Dickens house was exciting too.

  10. You're pix are beautiful! So glad you're having such a super cool holiday! But I must say, shame on you for giving my mama the most horrendous case of wander lust, ever! ;) XoX

  11. I am so sorry the cafe was closed my pals. If I had known you were visitng I would ave made sure the staff was there to greet you and get you access to the "historic sammidges"

  12. Hello everyone,
    You all look like you are having a fab time.
    Thanks for the mention Leroy, I hope to play there one day.

    We hope to see you in person one day soon!