Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Aircraft Carrier

We are lucky enough that our little island is opposite one of the major naval ports in England, Portsmouth, we see lots of navy ships and helicopters out there but occasionally we get a very special visitor. An American aircraft carrier. These ships are too big to fit into Portsmouth Harbour so they anchor in the Solent and we get to see them from our window. Its been a while since one came but this weekend we had a visit from USS George H W Bush. I first saw it from our window and I couldn't wait to get closer.
Not a bad view but I wanted to see more than that!!
Leroy and I decided to have a closer look by going on the car ferry. The car ferry seems big but nothing compared to the aircraft carrier. Her is Leroy waiting for the boat its the St Helen from Fishbourne to Portsmouth Harbour. Leroy had to be held onto while I took the picture because it was windy again just like last time he was out and about.
As soon as we got on the car ferry we ran up to the top deck to get a better look.
We got closer bt the weather was not so good so we couldn't pick out the planes so well with the camera but we could see them. While we were there we thought we would look out of the other window so we could show you our town from the sea. This is Ryde where we live, our house is near the church you can see.
When we got to Portsmouth Harbour we had to wait a bit to get a ferry back so we decided to have lunch, we went to an American diner. We were thrilled to find we were surrounded by US sailors from the aircraft carrier and they told us something about the plans on board. I wish I could tell you but if I told you I woud have to ......! Top secret!! That made up for the poor visibility I can tell you!!
Today the aircraft carrier was leaving and the weather was better so I hoped to get some pictures on its way out. I waited hanging over the balcony waiting for it.
Eventually it came along!
Its not too clear in the picture but I could see the aircraft clearly on the deck I will put this picture on Twitpic then you might see it better. Here it is powering up to where @henryandfriends is waiting for it on the other side of the Solent.
I was determined to see every last bit of it so I waited at the window to see it come round the corner! My nose is pressed up against the glass I can see it just above the white house there.
I waited until the very last minute when it left the Solent.
Well that was the last we saw of it through the chimneys. It was really fun having it here. I am sorry the weather was not good cos we would have seen it better and the sailors we spoke to did hope there would be some sunshine but its always great seeing some military hardware specially when it is that big. Hope another one comes soon, it does I'll get up close and personal with it for sure!

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