Thursday, 28 October 2010

Football pals

Most people who know me know that I support Arsenal and that I live in a household of crazy Arsenal supporing friends. This is fun of course but recently I have had even more fun supporting Arsenal because some of my Twitter friends @marshallsheldon, @OllyTed, @Tweetypie54 @ShanyaCat, to name but a few (there are too many to list them all), have started supporting Arsenal as well and watching the games and some of our friends who support other teams such as @Schnille (Cologne/Koln), @MonkeysBrother (Burnley) @marleyterrier (the real Manchester team) and @WallasEKatt (Liverpool) are joining in the fun.

Of course we all enjoyed the world cup together supporting our own national teams, and now it is wonderful to carry that on with Arsenal and a few other teams.

It is wonderful to see Olly in his Arsenal kit and MarshallSheldon with an Arsenal shield on his Twitter avatar and what could be better than the fact that @Tweetypie54 is called Gunner he is named to support Arsenal isn't he. Olly turns up for games with cakes and banana chips how wonderful. @Leroy_Sealion and I are just so happy that you have all adopted our team, already this season we have celebrated large victories, commiserated over losses and kicked the furniture when we have drawn and you have all stuck with it. It is wonderful after the game to go on Twitter and talk about the game with friends who have all learned so much about the Gunners in such a short time and have such passion.

I am so glad you like the team that means so much to me and thank you to all of you for adding to the fun of supporting Arsenal. I haven't been to the stadium yet this season but I feel as though I have because of having friends to chat with during and after the games.

Most of all GOOOOOO GUNNERS! Let's win something and make all your fans even prouder and happier than they already are and give us an excuse for a red and white pizza party!


  1. Hello buddy
    Thanks for the mention.
    Friends on twitter do make a big difference to my life too. It's great when you can talk about the game with friends.
    Hope Gunners go all the way.
    I aslo hope Burnley go back up so we can play Arsenal next season.

  2. yew doo mayk suppawtin arsenal a natural choyse *hug hug* i am soo glad too haf fownd a grayt teem too suppawt nd sutch wundaful furends on twittah who helps mee undatand th gaym nd ar sutch fun to share eatch match wif *hugs all again*
    yay fur th gunners!

  3. I do be opin you will be appy to share out the prizes this year. We dint win nuffink since 1976 (the year before dad start supportin City) and we been waitin a long time.

  4. To me, watching you all on Twitter is even more exciting/entertaining than watching the actual game! BOL! Go Gunners!

  5. I agree with Blindmaximus - watching how excited you all get on Twitter is way more fun. Go Gunners!

  6. I like following twitter conversations with hash-tags.