Monday, 4 October 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #8: I'm with the band

This week's anipal photo hunt's subject is I'm with the band.

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Eversince we heard some singing gibbons were arriving in the island monkey sanctuary we have been wondering why gibbons sing and not baboons!

So am I with the band, no actually I'm not my brother and I are the band here we are laying down some sounds using our netbook and listening to the feedback through our headphones. We are a really cool band see the adoring fans behind us! See how excited they are too see us!

So we are da band. We are the singing baboons, watch out singing gibbons you have competition! Wouldn't say no to a collaboration sometime though! Call us!


  1. Dat's great music you are playing too - I can hear it way over here!

  2. Who needs real instruments any more - you can do anything on the computer to duplicate the sounds! Cool!

  3. You both look so pawfeshonull. I bet you be taking the moozik industry by storm. Move over gibbons!

  4. Those fans behind you absolutely love you! That's some cool music you are playing.

  5. Hello Kolo and hello Kolo's new friend, you are the greatest monkey band! hugs hugs

  6. Way to go, dudes. Keep it real and true and the fans will love you!

    Found you on blog hop and will be back often.

    Julie, Parker and Bennie
    Bark Of Love