Saturday, 26 June 2010

World Cup on Twitter

Well all of you who know me at all know I love football and I know that not all of my friends do but this post is for all anipals whether or not they like football. Obviously I'm an England fan I am an English baboon so of course I get behind them in a big way with my England shirt, England world cup pizzas etc etc etc. In previous world cups I have only been interested in England, I didn't care about the other teams as long as they didn't beat England and I didn't give any thought to their fans. When England were eliminated which they always are I would support any team that had Arsenal players in. I was a thoughtless baboon.

Well I'm still a baboon that is fine, but I think I'm not so thoughtless anymore. Meeting friends from lots of countries on Twitter has made me be concerned for how they feel as well. My friend Mookie is obviously a major fan of his country Germany, that makes a big change for me, well actually for any England fan. Germany are the old footballing rival for England we have footballing history between us and both countries have suffered from the other in footballing ways. Usually England are the ones left crying after a match between them, especially in major tournaments, but it has gone the other way sometimes. If Germany ever lost a match England fans would be pleased and relieved. This time, when that happened I was so concerned for my dear friend. If/when Germany knock England out I will back them even though they don't have a single Arsenal player.

Then there are my US friends. Its been wonderful to see pals like MarshallSheldon and Gunner (Tweeypie54) getting more and more into football and enjoying the success of the USA. I think Gunner already had a good knowledge of football, having a name like Gunner I said 'you should support Arsenal their nickname is the Gunners' so the interest was already there. For MarshallSheldon it has been a major learning curve, oh dear he thought football was a game where people were padded up and ran holding the ball, when I explained it wasn't he thought it was played with sticks and the teams scored wickets, oh dear Mookie and I had a major problem trying to explain to him and Happpiii what football was. We still think that some of our US pals are a little confused they think it is called soccer but the progress has been amazing!! (Just joking US pals).

The there is the role Twitter has played itself, if you type #worldcup you get a little football and if you type #Eng you get an England flag, etc I haven't managed to work out the letters you need for some of the countries but its good fun and very colourful.

So my reason for writing this was to thank all my pals for being my pals and making things so much more fun including the world cup.


  1. this beary nise nd wize blog kolo my fwend nd i beary pwoud of yew -hug hug- i doo soo luvs futball in th werld cup nd howp wee see luvly fwendly matchs pleyed in gud spirits nd a sense of spowtin funs :) go #eng go #ger go #usa all hav fun :)

  2. Thank you sooooo much for this wonderful post, Kolo!!! I guess, if you're not too much into footy, you don't understand what that England vs Germany match is all about. It's the BIG thing for both our countries, EVERYBODY will be in front of the TV tomorrow!!! This rivalry between our countries has been lasting for 44 years now and it has always been a footy rivalry without mercy for the loser!!! But I'm so very happy, that Twitter changed our ways of looking at each other!!! It's said that you can't support both teams in this rivalry, but like you said in your post - if England knocks us out, I will support them on their way!!! And I won't do it for the players, of whom I know the names and some of the teams they're playing for, but for my dear English friends I met on Twitter!!! I know we both want our teams to move on, as World Cup only happens to be every 4 years and it's a very special event for us!!! But I'm really grateful for our special friendship, I've learnt sooooo much through it!!! Let's hope for a fair game and may the better team win!!! But... the only thing I'm worried about, is seeing Goleo in an England shirt... heehee

    As for our US pals, I have to say, I'm very happy to see, how they're "infected" by the football/soccer virus!!! You see the interest growing and their team deserves it, they did really well so far!!! Everybody in USA should show their support, as their team are working hard for their success!!!

    Thanks again for this great post, Kolo!!! BIGGEST HUGS!!! XXX

    I love England!!!

  3. What a lovely post Kolo! You are a very wise baboon indeed! :-)

  4. Kolo, great blog buddy.
    It makes the world cup more exciting, cos if England get knocked out, we can still cheer for USA and Germany! And be happy for our friends!
    Big Hugs you wise baboon


  5. What a great post!We know You and Leroy are football fun, We love world cup too. We cheer for different teams in the Cookie box house and It is funny. LOL Gilbert, Arthur and Spencer

  6. I loved this post especially because I sometimes saw Happpiii and MarshallSheldon trying to play football with you and Schnille on Twitter and it always made me laugh because they were always very silly.

  7. (((hugs Kolo))) Thank you for a lovely Blog! You are such a wonderful baboon! SMOOOOOOOOOCH!

  8. Oh I am so glad we could enjoy da werld Cup 2 gether, it has made us all seem closer HUGSxxxx