Saturday, 9 April 2016

A rehoming and a return

Hello, I have been quite slow to blog about the latest re-homing.  It happened in January but I have only just got around to it.  Our dear friend @BiddyBT has already re-homed Brian, who has trained as a lumbar jack and keeps them in firewood.  Just before Christmas Brian asked whether we could find him an apprentice to help him in his work.  I put out a call and found a young relative of mine who was living in Kentucky.  Just after Christmas he came over to Baboon HQ, and we sent him off to join Brian.

Brian on the left has been with Biddy since May 2015, Jingle, in the white T-shirt, joined him in January and is learning to be be a lumbar jack.  I hear they are getting on very well and Jingle is fitting right in.

Brian and Jingle work hard but there is plenty of time for fun.  You know how baboons love to climb and Jingle wasted no time following Brian climbing up the tree trunk.

You can see that Jingle has joined a big family.  After a hard day's work its lovely to rest in the sun with friends and family.

Its not all about work by far, Jingle climbed on Brian and helped others up.  That's good, co-operation!!

Then a picnic in the sunshine.

We can see that Jingle has followed Brian in becoming a smart dresser and is fitting in well and having fun, as well as learning to be a lumbar jack.  Everyone does their bit at Biddy's house and they all dress really well!

Now, meet Russell baboon.  Here he is with me.  Russell was re-homed from Baboon HQ in 2012.  He had a good time but the time came when his re-homing had to end and he has been welcomed back at Baboon HQ.  Of course, now that he is a Baboon HQ baboon, he is supporting Arsenal, as we all do here, so we had an Arsenal shirt all ready for him.

Russell has already made friends with Ryan and Aboo so he is settling in well.


  1. Jolly nice to see Jingle fitting in so well with Brian and Biddy's family. I'm sorry Russell had to leave his home but I know he will be most happy being back at Baboon HQ on the island.

  2. Wat a terrific home to be a lumbar jack an haz furends an noms! An welcome bak Russell! xoxo

  3. Wonderful baboon family xxx Chalky, Cuddles, Joe & Edwina (waving) & family

  4. Its good to have so many stuffies friends but dreadful when you cant find a seat to watch TV 😡

  5. Its good to have big stuffies family
    But dreadfull when you cant find a seat to watch TV