Friday, 18 March 2016

Time out at Baboon HQ

Last Sunday was a lovely sunny day so we decided that Harry should visit Sandown Bay and walk along to Shanklin and back.  The walk started as you would expect.

A nice early morning view of the beach.  That looked like a good start!  However, things got a bit unexpected after that.  Harry walked along to Shanklin and met this character.

Despite his small size Harry is quite a brave baboon so he stopped to find out whether he had found himself in the middle of a pirate raid.  Well no, just crazy golf apparently!!

Reassured, he walked along a bit further and the next thing he knew he thought he was in the middle of Moby Dick!!

Well it does make you question what has happened in Shanklin recently!!  We really didn't expect this, more crazy golf we assume!! Crazy being the word!!

Harry had to get home to watch Arsenal being knocked out of the FA cup by Watford so he walked back to Sandown.  Well you might think that was the end of the craziness, but you would be wrong!!

On Sandown pier Harry met this chap, yes a giant cow eating an ice cream.  Harry stopped to warn him that he appeared to have bitten off the bottom of his cornet and the inevitable outcome would be ice cream dripping out of the bottom.  He didn't seem to care much!!  He said he does it every day.  Oh well!!  We had to conclude that Sandown Bay had got itself a bit mixed up.  Fun though!!

Today my person took a day off work to make up for doing some Saturdays, at work,  for open days.  We had hoped for good weather for a walk but it is cold and grey so we decided to go out for breakfast.  Tom, who is our Thompson Holiday bear really wanted an outing so we let him go.

Toast and marmalade at Bembridge Bakery.  They make specially good bread and cakes there!  Talking of cakes!  Tom is an adventurous bear so he went to investigate the cakes.  I can tell you he was impressed!!

That is just half of them!!  He brought home some hot cross buns.  Really we are meant to eat them next Friday for Good Friday but we thought we would have a preview!!


  1. Well done Harry and Tom - always great to see ice cream eating cows, slightly mad pirates and other craziness!

    Then it's even better to see cakes! Woohoo!

  2. Wot a crazee day, heehee! Hot cross buns, mmmmm! Wiv lashings of strawberry jam, yummers! Hey can we hav that fur lunch, hoomin?
    Hiya to Harry and Tom and big squidjy huuggs to ebearbuddy at Baboon HQ!:o)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:=O)XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. ooo teh beech an da noms on a pritty day yay! Luvly! xoxox

  4. Woza! What a wonderful day !
    Harry Tom hehehe
    Thank u for sharing !!!
    #tweetypie/#gunner luv y'all