Sunday, 19 July 2015

#MiniBreeze and Mini-Kolo at Blackgang Chine

This weekend is the Isle of Wight tweet-up weekend and #MiniBreeze and Mini-Kolo went along.  The arrangement was to meet at Koko Bear shop in Ryde.  However, it wasn't open until 11 am so we went over to Quackers Crafts in Ryde to look around and wait.  They were very accommodating.

We used their table to get together for pictures you can see Mini-Kolo, #MiniBreeze, Tour Guide Ted and his family, MarthaBBear and her family, Reddy Teddy and his family and Kenny Koloa and his sister, BooBooBear Green, and Tabitha Teddy!!

Mini-Kolo caught up with handsome rehomed baboon George who lives with Reddy Teddy and whose plastic surgery was carried out by TrustGP.  Reddy has two baboons, George and Vincent who is bigger.

We moved on to Victoria Arcade, also in Union Street, Ryde, where we looked around shops and had a sit down.  After going to Koko Bear shop we left to go to Blackgang Chine, where we started to meet some dodgy characters.

Not a dodgy character, Mini-Kolo was so excited to meeting up with BooBooBearGreen's rehomed baboon Tony, that he lost his head!!

When he got his head back they did catch up and chat.

We went on around the park and #MiniBreeze started to meet some strange characters, this is a talking rubbish bin!!

This character persuaded #MiniBreeze to visited a haunted house, Rumpus Mansion.

#MiniBreeze and Mini-Kolo were not scared so they went on in.  #MiniBreeze knows no fear!!  Look at what he got up to.

Moving on from there #Mini-Kolo met a dinosaur, he and George investigated.

The next stop was Frontier Land, where Martha and #MiniBreeze met a beaver.

#MiniBreeze investigated all the interesting characters in the wild west!

He wrestled a bear and a cactus!!

He helped the others with some mining!!

He chatted with some native Americans, and

with this cowboy!!

#MiniBreeze left driving the oxon to Mini-Kolo!!  Moving on #MiniBreeze met a smuggler!  Blackgang Chine has a smuggling heritage so it is an important part of the park!

#MiniBreeze asked what was in the box but the smuggler wasn't saying.

In the meantime #MiniKolo and some of the others searched the smugglers' house to see whether they could find out what they had been smuggling!

Coming back around past the haunted house #MiniBreeze fended off a dragon.

He knows no fear!  He also met a dodo, that is interesting because they are meant to be extinct!!

We all know that #MiniBreeze knows no fear, so high voltage fences and massive dinosaurs mean nothing to him.

The Isle of Wight is famous for finds of dinosaur bones and fossils, so it is not surprising that #MiniBreeze had to wrestle dinosaurs!!

Clearly this one didn't scare him and he climbed all over the others.

What brave aniplas!!

It was a really fun day!!  #MiniBreeze and Mini-Kolo had a fantastic time.  They didn't go on any rides, after all the things they had done they were exhausted.  Thank you Tour Guide Ted for arranging a great day out.


  1. I think those adventures were far more exciting that any ride could be! What a wonderful tweet-up - so glad you all enjoyed it so much. Thierry and Denis have had a lovely time reading about it - thanks so much for sharing! :-) *hugs hugs hugs*

  2. A jam-packed tweet-up and a good time had by all, wot coold be finer! Had a nise day fur it too, so win-win, heehee! My vote's fur Napoleon Brandy in that smuggler's box, hic!
    Brilliant bloggy as evva frum the IOW Gang!
    :O) and ;=o)xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Meowza how much funs can Mini-Kolo an pals haz? That place looks grate but why iz they Native Americans there? heehee!

  4. yay it luks lyke yew had a supah tyme. fank yew fur ths luffly blog :)

  5. Good grayshuss Kolo my pal...dat Breeze haz yoo on kwite sum advenshures....i just wiser to be careful of den dinos...i ages one wunce an it dint gree wiv me

  6. ate wun...ate wun....not ages wun ...pffft