Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Baboon Business

Many of you will be aware that we had the #IOWTweetUp this weekend with @TourGuideTed, @BooBooBearGreen, @MarthaBBear and @TabithaTeddy. Well my camera played up so I didn't get many pictures, but anyway I think TGT has shown pictures of what we did.  There was, however, baboon business (aka baboonery) and I did get some pictures of that!!

Many of you will have heard about Bob the Bolting Baboon.  Yes Bob is TGT's little baboon and he managed to get himself lost when he arrived.  We wondered whether he felt a bit surrounded by bears and wanted to find other baboons, but then why was he found in a bear shop!!  You got that one wrong Bob!!  Well anyway, Bob was found and our manperson retrieved him and brought him to the TweetUp.  TGT was very relieved.  Mini-Kolo didn't let him out of his sight until he could reunited him with TGT, who was very glad to see him.

In order to keep Bob in order, and maybe to make him feel he has baboon company, we rehomed Bob's sensible twin brother with him, he is the one on Mini-Kolo's right, Bob is on the left.  We hope this may stop Bob from bolting again.  TGT will let us know when Bob's twin has told them his name.

Mini-Kolo did manage to meet up with some rehomed baboons and rehomed a baboon with @TabithaTeddy, that was the last planned rehoming.

Here Mini-Kolo is meeting up with the already rehomed baboons.  You aleady know Bob and his new brother.  Hanging over Mini-Kolo's shoulder is Tony, BooBoo's baboon, and sitting in front of Mini-Kolo is Barney, Martha's baboon.  Barney likes to hold onto his spoon, these baboons with magnetic paws, like Barney and Tony, have been known to steal cuttlery from resturants so it is best if they bring their own.

Here the baboons are joined by Tabitha's new baboon.  She is a girl baboon who loves books and stories so we felt she would be happiest with Tabitha.  Tabitha will also let us know her name when she has told her.

Tabitha's baboon is number 102 and Bob's new brother is baboon 103.  Despite us taking a rehoming break baboons 104 and 105 are on their way to their new homes in the US and we will let you know when they have arrived.


  1. Ello for yoo my new pals….is good to see you hazzin fun

  2. What a fun time you must have had. Wish we didn't live so far apart so we could meet. Sigh!

  3. *wavy paw* baboonz haz so many grate avenchures! xoxo