Sunday, 22 June 2014

June 2014 rehomings

Four baboons reached their new homes in June.  The first to arrive was Little Jim, who joined Jim with our friend @summerstormsmum.

Little Jim was welcomed by Jim (who he knew from Baboon HQ), Gracie and Fred.  He is very happy to join his friend Jim.  He had been at Baboon HQ for a while so he took souveniers with him.  I can see he is very happy in his new home.
The next to arrive was Oliver, who travelled all the way to New South Wales to join @pete_bear07 and @storm_bear_bill.  Oliver arrived to be given banana muffins, cuddles, pizzas and love.  Not sure about the Masn U shirt, but it could be worse.

I love this shirt!!

Then two baboons made their way to the US.  First to arrive was Beccie Beckham Baboon, who went to live with @Bea_Bells.
Beccie arrived and took up residence on the sofa.
She was obviously hungry!!  But not any more, she had lots of snacks and looks very happy.
Finally Boscoe arrived to live with @TiggyBean.

Boscoe looks happy in his new home.
So thank you to all of you for rehoming baboons and giving them happy loving homes.
Now further news.  I am sorry to say that the rehoming project is going to take a break.  There will be one further rehoming, in person, at the @IOWTweetUp in July.  But then we need to take a break.  However, this is not the end, so if you would like to adopt a baboon please let me know because I will make a list and get in touch with you as soon as we are back to rehoming.
Thank you to all rehomers and to everyone who has taken an interest in the rehomed baboons.  Beccie Beckham Baboon is baboon 100, which was my target, but it will be 102 by July.


  1. Crumbs 100+ baboons?! Yippee!!! Internashunal HugFest Time!!
    Fab bloggy, Kolo - lub seeing Paco's pals finding new howms! :O)xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Pawsome werk my pal…I is likin Liddle Jim a lot….

  3. WOW!! that is fantastic work your Baboon rehoming service has done!! BHQ should be very proud! hope you guys get to celebrate with some banana bread! *hughughug* - zackrabbit