Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Scamp's big adventure

Today it was Scamps turn to go out. For those of you know don't know Scamp he is one of @Bear_Berkeley's brothers made by Snuffy Norton, but he lives with us not with us here in England.  Scamp was very excited he has met Henry before but then he was very shy.  He put on his best hockey shirt because he is Canadian (actually he always wears it) because he wanted to look good for his day out with Henry.

Scamp met Henry at the bus station after Henry had come across on the hovercraft and they took a long walk to the abbey that is in Ryde where we live.

When they got to the gates they were shy to go in as it was an abbey so they sat around for a while on the gate getting up the courage to go in.

Anyway Henry was too keep to get his chips to hang around for too long so they got in, found the tea shop and got down to the serious business of ordering and eating their lunch.

Scamp noticed that somebody was either trying to kidnap Henry or steal their chips can't have that but we did offer them some as it was a big bowl for two small bears.

Well having given half their chips away they did need some cake they chose a lemon and coconut cake which was very tasty!

They made very sure nobody tried to steal their cake chips is one thing but cake is another, they looked to see if Olly was lurking around they would have shared some with him but not just anybody.

Then they looked around the farm shop at the abbey and tried all the fruit and vegetables.  There were pears and beans that they wanted to buy for dinner.

After lunch they were too full to walk home so they got the bus.

They both had a lovely day but were very tired after all that walking, eating and travelling on the bus.


  1. Wat a nice day wiv chips an cayk! Scamp iz lucky to haz a furrend like henry.

  2. Scamp looks a grand chap !!! Henry loves his chips!!! It was a lovely setting for a day out xxx

  3. OH MY C - what a great adventure they had. I'm impressed, they even takes the bus without supervision. I can't even to dat. Very smart bears for sure.

  4. It was wonderful trip for Scamp. Gil's sending love to his brofur!

  5. I have read this three times now. It was so nice to see Scamp and Henry - my dear friends. And i have been on the Island with them myslef, and I miss them both.
    Thank you for bringing them closer Kolo.

  6. ello kolo .. me an skamp ad grayt time toogevva tooday an did see lots of egsytin fings aswel. i looks forwud to seein evrrywun agane soon

  7. Oh,I bet henry and scamp had just a great adventure! What a beautiful place you live in Kolo & what a beautiful place for them to visit together in!

  8. *licks lips* I see Henry and Scamps did ave a very nice day and I am glad they was makin sure they had lots of snaks. It do be dangruss to go out wivout any foods....

  9. it was lovely having tea & scones in the garden when we visited. the tea shop was still under construction. we must come back to visit the new tea shop.