Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #16: My 2nd Job

This week's anipal photo hunt theme is my 2nd job. I am very happy cos I can do this one. I didn't do it last week cos I'm lucky enough not to have to go to the vet so noooo vet gonna fight this baboon and win (just saying)!!

Now my 2nd job I have several jobs and I'm not sure what order they come in so after my first job of being with my person and making sure they have something to do, is being a professional football fan. Arsenal mainly, then England (perhaps I should say sports cos at the moment I am massively supporting England's cricket team and hoping they win the Ashes). I also gvie my support to the Texas Longhorns (different type of football of course)!

Here I am in my Arsenal supporting outfit kit, very professional I'd say!

What else? Well then I look after the garden. Here I am pruning the fushias, yes I am allowed to use secateurs (even if I can't spell it). My person, however, would never be allowed to use such a dangerous tool, can you imagine the damage they could do!

As many of you know I am also a chef, not in Zack Rabbit's league but not a bad chef! I make cakes but mostly I make pizzas. Here I am with my world cup pizza ready to dish up. This one is red and white for England (its also useful for Arsenal celebrations too). Other friends made pizzas of their flags, Mookie (@Schnille) made a German flag pizza and, in the spirit of international relations (see I'm also a diplomat), I made a German flat pizza too after England had done their usual trick of being knocked out!

Well those are some of my jobs I am a multi-tasking baboon wouldn't you say!

So come on all of you now you have seen how much fun the anipal photo hunt is come and join in. Cokie has extended this one for two weeks so no excuses!


  1. Looks like you do a lot of important things!

  2. Well Pal, you has lots of important jobs. I'm still pondering over mine.

  3. I wish I lived closer so I could have some of that yummy looking pizza! You must be a really pawsome cook.

  4. I think those do be furry impawtant jobs. Can you send some of that pizza ofur here? Drool.

  5. I know how much work takin care of the human is, I'm so amazed you have time for so many other jobs too! WOW!! you are a fantastic chef, Kolo!! xoxox

  6. Oh...that pizza looks very, very yummmmmmy!

  7. Hey, did you forget your second career as an actor?

  8. G'day Kolo! I'm glad u didn't defect to ManCity. I hate them more than Arsenal, but less than ManUtd!! Now, about the pizzas... just wanted to ensure u know that while I was at the #worldcup supporting England I ate as much pizza in your honour as I could. I'm also goin to the #Ashes test in Sydney in January & I hope to pick up some pizza there too! Tho, meatpies are more the aussie sports diet. Keep up the gr8 bloggin mate, twt u soon, WeK