Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #12: All Souls' Day

This week's theme is All Souls' Day which also makes us think of the Mexican day of the dead that we have heard about and saw an exhibition about once in Dallas, Texas. I love the idea of celebrating our dead loved ones anipal or human so this is great.

If you want to join in the anipal photo hunt please click on the button, its fun and you know you want to.

My problem this week is that I do not have a picture of the loved one I am thinking of. She died in the mid 1990's when we did not have any digital pictures and we cannot find any of our photos to scan in because they were lost when we moved. However we remember her well, she was my person's sister, so I guess my aunty in a way. Her name was Lizzie and she had bright red hair and she was a lawyer, she did very well to become a lawyer because, like my person, she did not do well at school and she was a kidney patient, eventually that is why she died so young. She worked hard to become a lawyer and she never really got to practice law but she was such fun and always laughing so we want to remember Elizabeth Martin (Lizzie), we always laugh when we think or talk about her but we do miss her lots.

This picture is not of her but it reminds us of her because she and my person used to go there on Sundays and walk around and eat dinner and have a lot of fun. It is Covent Garden in London and it was one of her favourite places.

Sorry to have talked so long in this blog entry. We miss our Lizzie and we are glad to tell you about her. A couple of weeks ago my person had a lovely afternoon in Covent Garden and it made her happy to have been there again.


  1. Kolo, that do be such nice werds you writed about your Lizzie and she duss sound like a pawson I would has rilly liked, and I do be furry pawticular bout who I like.

  2. Dat was a very nice tribute to your special person Lizzie. It's too bad she had to leave earth at such a young age. What a lot she would have been able to offer to the world.

  3. How bewtiful it iz to hear abowt your happy memrieez of Lizzie, it made me glad abowt memrieez being there to make us smile *softpaw*

  4. Ello for you Kolo. Wot a nice fing to do to remember your auntie like dat. My typist is lawyer and he fink she would have made a great one too. Woof

  5. That's a lovely post, Kolo. Thank you!

  6. awe!! That is so great! No need for a pic, you have great memories of her. Very cool

  7. We enjoyed your post Kolo! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs & smoochies! XOXO

  8. I think its wonderful that you rember & talk bout Urs aunty Lizzy xoxoox

  9. Hugs to your person & you ~ Lizzie sounds like a wonderful person, a beautiful spirit. I think my mama would have really liked her. Bless you & your memories - may they always shine bright.