Monday 5 December 2016

South Bank Tweetup

Hi!!  We haven't blogged for a while because work has been busy and we haven't been doing much else really except chilling out.

However, yesterday Ryan Baboon went on a tweet-up.  He went instead of Mini-Kolo, because Tulip Jenkins was there and she wanted to meet Ryan.  Who knows why!!

Ryan had to get up early.  Not one of his strengths!!  He got the ferry to Portsmouth.

Here he is looking out of the ferry window at the Fishbourne Terminal.

Ryan had had to get up early, which he is not very keen on, but he found a seat on the ferry where he could have a sleep.

After sleeping on the ferry and through the car journey, he slept on the District Line train.

By the time we reached the South Bank Centre Ryan had had enough sleep and he was ready to say hello to Tour Guide Ted and his pals Frank and Theo.

Ah, now this is a slightly sticky situation.  No, Ryan hadn't been arrested.  The problem is that because Ryan is much bigger than Mini-Kolo he filled the rucksack and there was no room for Leroy.  Now an unforeseen situation was that WPC Evelyn Hall was there and Leroy is really keen on her.  Oh dear! Ryan has been studiously avoiding Leroy since he got back.  Evelyn is lovely!!  I am sure Leroy will get a chance to meet her one day.

More pals arrived, Tulip Jenkins, Reddy Teddy, BooBoo Bear Grean and Arpad bear with Samson and Deliah and Charlie.  Don't they look great in their panda jumpers!!

Sorry this picture won't stay rotated, not sure why, but anyway, Jezzer Bear had arrived!!  Dressed in his great Star Trek gear!  Cool guy!!

We went out to the Christmas market, which was very crowded!!  There was beer and food.  Baboons are not allowed beer, it makes us behave oddly, but Ryan was not bothered about that, because he got his favourite food, a big Baboon HQ favourite!  Macaroni cheese!!  Happy Baboon!!  That warmed him up.

After dinner Ryan felt energetic and decided to climb the Christmas trees!!  Well he is a baboon!

Tulip joined him, although she is not a baboon!!  She rather likes Ryan.

After that we had to leave to get our ferry back to the island.  As we were leaving Japp Bear arrived, it was nice to meet him but there was no time for pictures.  We had a lovely day, it was great to see everyone and to meet Jezzer, Tulip and Arpad for the first time.  It was a real honour to meet one of the Emergency Teds,  We hope Leroy will get a chance to meet them too as they are major favourites of his.

There may have been the need for WPC Hall to take action not long after we left.  A lot of beer was being drunk and some teds appeared to be heading towards disorderly behaviour.  What a good job Evelyn was there, I hope nobody needed the services of Dr Ted!!


  1. Sownds like a good time wus had by all except dear Leroy - alas the path to troo lub nevva did run smooth! Glad the bloggy is back too, reely missed it loads! :O) and :=o) HUGS!!!!

  2. Beam me up!! It was a lovely day and great to finally meet you.

  3. Was lovely to see you guys again - there "may" have been a little trouble while out and know bears...

    Great blog, lovely to read it.

  4. I well loved meeting Ryan! It was a top day!

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